Inclusion at Lionwood Junior

The staff at Lionwood Junior are committed to doing everything we can to ensure that our practice is as inclusive as possible.  We use a range of approaches to ensure that all children have the best chance possible to fulfil their potential.

Zones of Regulation

At the centre of our policy to support children around behaviour and mental health, we have introduced the ‘Zones of Regulation’ which help children self-regulate their behaviour in response to emotions.  Please see the document below for further information.

Zones of Regulation document

Trauma Informed Practice

Since 2018, we have been working with ‘Trauma Informed Schools UK (TISUK)’ to support children who have endured trauma.  The training we have received has helped us to respond more effectively and sympathetically to those children whose emotional state is causing them distress.  All of our staff have received training and three staff including Senior Leaders have completed the  ‘Diploma in Trauma and Mental Health’.  Please follow the link below for more information about TISUK.