Arrangements for Home Learning
(including in the Event of Partial or Full Closure)

We are currently closed to all children apart from vulnerable children and children of critical workers

All details of online work can be found on Class Dojo.  
Class Dojo can be accessed through the app on mobile phone and laptop/computer/tablet or the browser on Playstation or X Box.  Here are details of how to access through PS or X-Box:
Using Classdojo on Xbox and Playstation
If you cannot access online learning please contact the school who can provide paper copies or advise you further

 There are 4 different approaches to ‘Home Learning’ in response to different circumstances including COVID 19 restrictions:

1. We ask that all children read as often as possible at home and learn their times tables to support their work in school.  Children may be given other work to help them catch up if they have gaps in their learning.  If any parent would like any other additional work to do at home – they should contact the classteacher.

2. If your child is self-isolating due to them or members of their household having symptoms (providing they are well enough to work) their classteacher will provide a paper work pack which follows the work currently going on in class. They will be able to upload work and messages to teachers will be picked up as often as is practical in the school day.

3. If we have to close the Year Group or Whole School, teachers will provide a mixture of  twice daily zoom calls to go through work, online resources and the opportunity to upload work and message teachers throughout school day—this is possible as teachers will also be self-isolating. This will be accessed through Class Dojo.  A paper option for those without technology and selected online lessons from Oak National Academy will also be available.  All work will be in line with the Lionwood Curriculum.

4. For children who are not required to self-isolate but whose parents have decided to keep them off school due to worries of infection, parents can access Oak National Academy resources but will not be providing Option 1 or 2 (above), as the government expects them to be in school—but we want to support parents and children as much as possible in their personal circumstances. Go to:  Oak National Academy 
where you will find a daily programme of lessons

Here is the Home Learning Policy:
Remote Learning Policy – LJS – 2020-21