General information

There is a  Newsletter that is sent to Parents/Carers by email and posted on Class Dojo at the end of the week. They can be found on the ‘News and Dates’ section of this website.

Breakfast Club
There is a Breakfast Club from 8.00am – 8.40am each day. The cost of breakfast club is £2. This is part of our arrangements for care before and after school. Parents need to contact the office at or on (01603) 433014  if they want their child to come to Breakfast Club.  They will then be given details of how to register and pay.

Sending Money in to School
We try and avoid money being sent into school.
Any money coming in to school must be in a labelled envelope. There is a box in each classroom for the children to put money in. Cheques should be made out to ‘Lionwood Junior School’. 

After School Club
We run an After school Club for children from Lionwood Infant and Junior Schools – every day from end of school day – 6pm.  The charge is £7.00 a sessiona nd it must be booked and paid for using Parentmail.  The children are provided with a snack such as toast, fruit, waffles.

School Lunches
Children may bring a packed lunch from home or may order a school dinner. These cost £2.10 per day or £10.50 per week. There is a choice of a standard dinner or a vegetarian option. Children may also choose a school packed lunch. Lunches can be paid for through Parentmail – please contact the school office for more details.  
If parents wish to pay for a school lunch they will need to contact the school office and they will be given details of Parentmail so they can pay for the school lunches

If your child has allergies, is vegan, gluten-intolerant or cannot eat certain foods for religious or cultural reasons then the parent must fill in a form from Norse and the kitchen will ensure the needs are met:
Special Diet Registration Form (Norse)

Those parents whose child is eligible for Free School meals need to apply to Norfolk County Council.  Go to 
Apply for Free School Meals

We are a NUT-FREE school.

Every child needs to bring in a named water bottle which means they can have water at any time in the school day.

FAB (Fruit at Break)
Fruit is available for every child at break time and is free for all children. Children may bring fruit or vegetables from home for breaktime if they choose.

Children do not need to bring a pencil case and stationery in to school. The school will provide them with all the equipment they need. If they do bring them, they are responsible for them at all times. They may be asked to leave them in their tray or their bag at certain times of the day.

Toys and Games
Children are not allowed to bring toys and games to school
. They are very distracting and can cause upset when they are lost or broken. This includes trading cards and sports equipment, such as footballs. Equipment is provided for playtime and wet plays.


Arriving Late and Leaving Early
If a child arrives late for school, they must go to the office and sign in, letting the secretary know what they are having for lunch. Lunches can only be booked up until 10.30am. If a child needs to leave school before 3.20pm, they must be collected from school by an adult who needs to sign them out at the office.

Absence from school
It is very important that children attend school regularly and are on time. There is a clear link between under-achievement and absence from school. If a child is ill, please let the school know that they will not be in school on the first morning they are away. This can be done by an adult in person, by phone, by e mail ( or through another adult. If a child is sick, they should not come to school for 24 hours. If we do not get a message when a child is away, the administrator will phone to find out why the child is not in school. If a child needs time off from school for a medical appointment, please let the school know in advance.

From September 2013, the law has changed and does not allow for authorised time off school for any other reasons than illness or extreme circumstances. Schools cannot authorise absence for family holidays or any other avoidable reason for being off school. Parents must fill in an Absence Form if they are taking their child out of school – these can be obtained from the office.

Contact Numbers
It is vital that the school has up to date contact numbers for parents. There should also be at least one additional number listed at school in case of emergencies. If any contact details change, please let the school know immediately. If the care arrangements for a child change, eg if their parents are away on holiday, please let the school know who to make contact with. Any parents/carers wishing to receive text reminders of school events, must ensure the school office has their mobile number.

Medicines in School
If a child needs on-going prescription medication (eg an inhaler), their parent or carer needs to complete a form from the office for the staff to decide where best to keep the medication and who will administer it. Inhalers are kept in the child’s classroom. If a child brings in cough sweets or suntan lotion, they should hand these in to be looked after and given to them when needed. This makes sure they are not taken or used by the wrong person.

If a child is well enough to return to school but needs prescription medication for a short amount of time, parents may come in to school to administer the medication at the right times or they may complete a form allowing staff to administer the medicine.

Staff will only administer prescription medication that needs to be taken during school hours e.g. antibiotics taken 4 times per day. The school reserves the right to refuse to administer medication if they are concerned about children’s safety.

Local Trips
Parents are asked to sign a form every year giving permission for children to go on trips in the local area. This stops us having to send out separate slips for each trip out of school.

School Trips
For trips that are further afield, parents will be given a form that they will have to fill out, giving permission for their child to go on the trip as well as emergency contact details.  No child can leave the school without permission.