Equality and Diversity at Lionwood Junior School

At Lionwood Junior School we strive for equality and celebrate the diverse community we have.  We understand the importance of challenging prejudice and intolerance at every level and seek training and support to ensure that our curriculum, procedures and practices champion equality and respect for all.

See our ‘Quality of Education’ section of this website to find out what we do in the curriculum to address equality.

We are delighted that we have such a wide range of cultures, religions and ethnicities present in our school community and seek to widen our children experience of the wide range of people within our country and the world.  We know that we have to actively promote tolerance and respect for others through our programme of PSHE, RSE and Assemblies.

We mark events such as Black History Month (October), LGBT+ Month (February), Norwich Schools Pride Week (July), Mental health Awareness Month (May) International Women’s Day (March), International day of the Girl (October) and Disability Awareness Month (Nov-Dec) ensure that we have certain times during the year where we focus on historically under-represented groups and celebrate the achievements of individuals. 

We want to ensure that all pupils are proud of who they are and the background they come from.  We know that some pupils may face prejudice in the future so we want to make sure they are supported, any name-calling, homophobia, sexisim, racism or ableism is dealt with robustly.

We teach children to be an ‘Upstander’ that is an ally to those who might be bullied or picked on.  

Here are the policies that support equality of opportunity at Lionwood Junior School:

IST Gender-Pay-Gap Report March 2021
IST Recruitment-and-Selection-Policy-Oct 2021
IST Supporting-pupils-with-medical-conditions-policy


We are an Educating with Pride School and all staff are trained in LGBT+ awareness.  We have been supported by Stonewall and Mermaids.

All incidents of Bullying, Racism, Homo/Transphobia or sexism are dealt with by staff – we never ignore any derogatory language or so called ‘banter’ that has offensive slurs.

If there are incidents of Bullying, Racism, Homo/Transphobia or sexism in school – we make a formal report to the Trust – this includes details of the incident, and the education programme of awareness put in place as well as details of any sanctions.

If you are a parent of a child who you believe is being bullied for any reason – please contact the school as early as possible so that we can put a stop to it straight away and prevent it from happening again.