The Teaching of English at Lionwood Junior School

The Acquisition of English skills and knowledge (Speaking and Listening, Reading, Writing, Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar) is vital to the success of children across the whole curriculum now, and in their future.  Our teaching ensures that children:

  • Learn to read, write and speak with enthusiasm, confidence and expression.
  • Develop a love of language through the creation of a rich, creative and stimulating literary environment in which skills, knowledge and understanding can be developed
  • Are exposed to a wide variety of high quality texts.
  • Have opportunities to discuss, plan, draft, revise, rethink and finalise work.
  • Have opportunities to explore own ideas and writing style through personal choices of reading and writing.
  • Are encouraged to listen with attention, respecting the views and opinions of others.
  • Develop the skills to present ideas to a range of audiences verbally and through drama.
  • Develop a rich vocabulary and knowledge of a range of writers’ work.
  • Develop understanding of preferences, while being exposed to texts that would otherwise not be chosen.

Please see below some of the documents that are used for planning our English curriculum.  We have included Key Stage 1 as well as Key Stage 2 as children may be working at different levels and teachers need to understand the stages prior to children arriving at Junior School.

English Coverage across the Lionwood School

English Progression LFS 2019

English Policy Sept 2019