Children’s Home Learning Posts

Thank you to the children and parents who have sent in emails about what they have been doing.

Take a look at the wonderful posts!

Jamie’s Football Challenge

Jamie’s mum wrote:
Jamie is a very keen footballer and we have played a lot of football in the garden. One of the things we have done is the ‘Bin Challenge’. Attached is a short clip of Jamie completing the challenge.
See the clip below – Well done Jamies – I wonder if any other footballers want to have a go at this challenge!


Evie’s Writing Success – Radio 2’s 500 Word competition.

Evie’s mum wrote:
We thought you’d like to know that over the Easter holidays we heard the fantastic news that Evie has made it through to the second round of the BBC Radio 2 500 word competition for her story ‘Cat and Mouse’. She is one of 5,000 entries being sent to the Reading Agency for the second round of judging. This is from 135,000 entries. This is the story she wrote for Miss Stevens and won the class competition with.
We are very proud of her achievement and would like to thank Miss Stevens for inspiring her to apply for it.

Well done Evie – we look forward to publishing the story for everyone to read!

Life Cycle of a Sunflower
Gertie and Penelope’s Mum wrote:
We have been learning about the life cycle of flowering plants. We are growing sunflowers…. and waiting for them to grow! This afternoon in our drama lesson we expressed the life cycle of sunflowers through movement. I attach the stop motion film I made of Penelope and Gertie . They worked well together to choreograph their performance and organise costume changes.

What a creative way to explain a life cycle!
I wonder if anyone else would like to have a go at doing some drama and filming it.

See the video below:

Penelope went onto learn how to create a Powerpoint:

P Seager-Church Life Cycle of a Flowering Plant (1)

Such a clear and  Powerpoint! 

Molly’s Cat Puppets

Molly’s mum wrote:

Molly is ok but desperately missing school, her friends and especially Miss Hunt.
I have attached a picture of puppets we made as Molly mentioned they had started some at school. They are of our 2 kittens MungoJerry and Rumpleteaser. I’ve added a picture of them too.
What beautifully made puppets, Molly – I love the names of your cats!
For anyone else who loves cats – take a look at “Old Possums Book of Practical Cats” by TS Elliot (one of Ms Cornish’s favourite books! – her cat Lola is a Jellicle Cat.) and you can read about how mischievous Mungojerry and Rumpleteaser are – I wonder if Molly’s cats are the same!

Ariel’s Busy Lockdown Days
Ariel’s mum wrote:Attached are some pictures showing what Ariel has been doing over the past few weeks. Gardening, riding the bike, making delicious tiramisù and home made pasta and of course reading a lot! 

Wow – I am very jealous of the you all, eating such wonderful Italian food! Homemade pasta is amazing –  I hope these pictures inspire others to do some cooking at home!

Theo’s Vegetable Gardening
Good afternoon,
Theo wanted to share with you his vegetables that he has been growing.
He has planted celery, calabrese, aubergine and beetroot, I have attached some photos, he’s very pleased with himself!!